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Albert Schultz is the older brother of Alec Lynch and is a character in The Lyosacks. He was sent by his father to find the bomb and is one of the main characters of the Mafia Wars Trilogy.

History Edit

Pre-Lyosacks Edit

Prior to the start of the series, Albert lived with his family in Germany despite the dangers from The Morettinis. He was at his house on the night when Ryan Osbourne, the family's butler, had lowed the house's defenses and allowed Morettini mobsters to break in. He was given cordinatess where the bomb was located to go to and was told to leave. He then witnessed his father's sacrifice and fled to the North Pole where he joined an unknown clan of bounty hunters.

Mafia Wars Edit

During the Mafia Wars trilogy, Albert is rescued by Alec and Pizza Guy after he texted Alec and told him to hide but they found him and rescued him. It's revealed that he was betrayed by his brotherhood that he joined in order to find the bomb. Don Morretini shot Albert and Ryan Osbourne blew up the corrupted brotherhood. he was left to die but Andrew and Alec found him.

The Return and Fugitives Edit

Albert is mentioned by tommy when he was telling alec what happened inside the Morretinni building and told Alec that Albert was still alive a few seconds before the bomb went off.

Now we know this Albert is still alive, he joined a clan (Blue Skull Brotherhood). He is seen in his uniform, scouting the plane crash site and saw one of his own drying Alec to the brotherhood temple.