Alec Lynch


Alec Lynch


Alec, Alec Schultz (former real name)






The Lyosacks
The Schultz


Mr. Schultz (father) (deceased)
Albert Schultz (older brother)
Pizza Guy (brother)


Ray Osbourne
Vince Ackerman
Emmy Ackerman


Don Morretini
The Morretinis
Evil Dr. Yequil (formally)

Alec Lynch is one of the main protagonists in The Lyosacks and plays the keyboard for The Lyosacks. He is voiced by the creator of the series, Alvaro Calmet. His YouTube channel is TheLyosacks itself.

History Edit

Pre-Lyosacks Edit

Prior to the start of the series, Alec lived in Germany as Alec Shultz. He lived peacefully with his family The Schultz, until one day the family's butler, Ryan Osbourne had lowered the house's defenses and allowed the Morretinis to storm and burn down the houses. Alec escaped, but his father died and was forced to change his last name to Lynch and travel the world to escape the Morretini's wrath. Unknownly, He was tailed by Ryan Osbourne.

First Episodes Edit

During the episode The New Member, Alec is seen walking by when he hears both Ray and Vince practicing for their concert (Evil Dr. Yequil birthday party trap) when he walks in and begins to play his electronic keyboard. He's then accepted into the band and moves into the apartment. He is then introduced to the Ackermans as he's the immediate crush of Emmy Ackerman, despite knowing it but pretend to not care Emmy but he. In the episode The Truth, it is revealed that Don Morretini (A notorious mobster) has been looking for Alec and has found his home leading to a fight between Alec and the Morretini Mobsters. He manages to take down Don and the thugs.

Time Trouble Edit

Time trouble begins with Ray talking to Alec about Emmy and Alec agreeing to help Ray out. Mr. Ackerman decides to move back to Canada after the Morretini situation, which means Vince and Emmy are both leaving too. Later Don Morretini and his thugs kill Alec's remaining family and blow up the Ackerman's plane to make Alec feel miserable. 20 years later Don Morretini and Evil Dr. Yequil rule the world (their bomb plan being sucessful) and Alec reunites with Ray with the ambitions of using Yequil's time machine to reverse the events of the past. With the help of Tommy Robot, Alec, and Ray travel back in time. Alec saves Ray and Emmy while setting them up for a date while Ray teleports Morretini and his thugs to the arctic where Morretini is attacked by a bear, resulting in the loss of an arm and his jaw.

===Mafia Wars===

Alec leaves a note on the couch and leaves. *yet to be added* ]