Pic Yequil

Yequil as seen in his first episode: Yequil´s Birthday Concert.

Evil Dr. Yequil is more or less an antagonist, even thought he´s just a kid who wants attention and seeks it by any means. Althought he´s between 10 and 12 years old, he´s a complete genius. He invents from time travelling machines to robots with A.I, and from spaceships to giant buildings in a matter of days.

The irony is that his mother thinks he´s just a standard kid, completely ignoring the giant building in their backyard and the two robots that follow him all day.

First AppearanceEdit

His first appearance is in "The Birthday Concert ", where he tricks The Lyosacks by telling them to play a song in a concert, when it was actually his birthday party. In this episode, Yequil competes with them, finally losing, but swearing revenge.

He appears in a lot of episodes, in some of them he´s an antagonist and in others he´s just walking around doing something. And he does this all just because he´s bored.

Time TroubleEdit

In Time Trouble, Yequil somehow is seen rulling the world along with Don Morettini in the future, since everything is too futuristic for the time. Yequil designed an army of robots and a pill that keeps Don Morettini alive. This time line is then erased when Alec and Ray go back to the past and "killing" the Morettinis.

Mafia WarsEdit

Even if they thought they prevented Yequil and Don Morettini from rulling the world, things begin to go back to the way they were when Don Morettini suddenly returns and kidnaps Yequil. They finally make a pact, in which they both rule together (in Time Trouble, it is seen Don Morettini ends up taking full control, making Yequil some sort of puppet). Yequil just accepts due to pure entertainment, not being aware of the extremely evil plans Don Morettini has in mind. In the end of the final Mafia Wars episode, Yequil discovers Don Morettini hurt his mom, and he immediately quits, making the robot army to go with him. This proves he wasn´t even commited to the Morettini´s cause. He just wanted to have fun, but he then realized he had crossed the line. Once the Lyosacks defeat Don Morettini, Yequil indicates to them the doors that keep the bombs are manually closed, and that two guys have to close them. Albert and Ryan decide to stay, and the rest escapes just in time.

Last EpisodeEdit

Yequil is last seen in "Creepypastas" as he helps ray defeat slenderman.


  • In "The Return 2", it's revealed he becomes a genius because of an experiment the aliens did to him while he was in her mother's womb. Little is known as to why the aliens wanted to create a human genius, but with the clues given in "The Abduction", we can guess it's part of their experiments to create a perfect species, since they created humans by giving their genes to apes.
  • Yequil is seen making lots of things such as a robot in Yequils birthday concert, time machine in Nazi Zombies Movie and a tower in Time trouble and Mafia Wars.
  • In "The Return 2" it's revealed that he is Mr. Gonzalez's son, but due to some events in the past it seems him and her mother forgot meeting each other. For now, we know she doesn't remember due to the aliens errasing her memory.

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