How About Lyosacks? is a second episode of The Lyosacks.

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The episode begins in evening where Alec is cleaning the bathroom and ask himself what he were doing. He confront Ray and Vince about him being in the band instead of a maid, they laughed out (except Alec) and make a solution. They said that he should play the music prove his worthiness despite he play the music with them in the last episode, reluctantly play a music for them and disturbing Mr Gonzales in his sleep. However, they were sleeping and Alec decided leave them but Ray convinced Alec to stay. Meanwhile, Mr Gonzales meet Clippy who ask for help. They made their band name 'The Lyosacks' which composed of names on their surnames as introduced to the wall but Vince used permanent marker on the wall so it can't be removed. The next day, Vince use the megaphone to test much to people's annoyance, The Lyosacks want to practice but procrastinate to watching TV and quickly go to the taxi. They were excited on their first concert and Vince say it was cool but it was a party with Alec said "What the ......" before going to the credits. In the post credits, Mr Gonzales call the police to arrest Clippy which seen in the next episode.

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HOW ABOUT LYOSACKS? - The Lyosacks Ep. 2