This wiki is about the animated web series called "The Lyosacks ", created by Alvaro Calmet in 2010.
The Lyosacks
The series is about three friends: Alec Lynch, Vince Ackerman, and Ray Osbourne. They live on the third floor of a Barbershop/hotel called: "Mr. Gonzalez´s Haircut" (for most of the show, even if in the Second Season they begin to travel in an RV).

This main characters form a band called "The Lyosacks", a name Vince gives the band as a mixture of there last names:

-(Ly)nch, -(Os)bourne, -(Ack)erman

Even if they form a band in the first two episodes, they never play anywhere other than their neighbor´s birthday party (at least for now). The series rather focuses on... well, anything that happens to them. From time traveling to zombie apocalypses, to Slenderman stalking them or even mobsters trying to kill them! Anything can happen in this world, and that´s what makes it so special: you never know what´s coming next!

All throughout there are dozens of easter eggs hidden in every episode, which can help the fans discover what might come next. For example, before the zombies episode came, there were a lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops zombies objects hidden in the room of Emmy (Vince´s sister) such as perk-a-colas and Samantha's teddy bear. in the same episode, there was the wunderwaffle (the secret bunker) and the winter's howl (coincidentally one of Don Morretini's family members, Nikolai was holding the winter's howl just like Nikolai from Black Ops zombies was also holding it). also, before the Slenderman movie, you see in the mafia wars saga that there were Slenderman sightings and pages. you can also find waldo hiding around in the series occasionally.

Looking for this easter eggs is always fun, and there are a lot of them that involve future episodes. For example, there are some things that happen in previous episodes that are connected with a future episode, but you don´t realize until it´s explained. That´s why this series is so much fun: besides the cool storyline, awesome and funny characters, and infinite possibilities, there´s more to look in every episode.

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