Gonzalez´z Haircut

The Main Town. That´s actually everything there is...

This is the place where the band lives. The Main Town, or however it´s called, has a game store, two houses (Yequil´s and Mr. Ackerman´s) the barbershop, a cinema, a city in the background (mainly mafia wars and tommy robot vs the robo yequils) a bridge if you go right of the town and pass the video game store (the pick of destiny) and a forest if going left of town (slenderman movie) there is also a lake somewhere around (the truth)... and apparently nothing more. In fact, it´s an extremely linear town, kind of a parody of a linear Flipstones stage, with no tridimensionale to it. Still, this town is victim of a lot of things, from zombie apocalypses, nuclear explosions, time travelers arriving all of a sudden, bulldozers trying to destroy the cinema, mobster coming to kill Alec... overall, everything happens to that poor little neighborhood.

History Edit

It was founded Mrs Yequil and Mr Gonzales after Mrs Yequil lost her memory from the aliens and Mr Gonzales has his head hit in near the for sale place in Return 3. They build a small town only neighborhood with Mr Gonzales's barber shop which include apartments, Yequil Residence and a pink house. Furthermore, they added a movie and a arcade game store. The barber shop received some damage since Vince kicked the door as the first damage to the bomb destroy the town. Now, the town is in a ruins but managed to kept together except that the Lyosacks leave town since their home is destroyed. The Lyosacks had to returned back to town as Yequil calls them for help.