Nazi Zombies 1 is the second episode of the Lyosacks Halloween special episode and is the most viewed of all the Lyosacks.

Story Edit

It starts with the Ultimis Group traveled to Ascension map in Russia which Dempsey complained about being at Germany just now and demanded Richtofen to explained everything while Takeo is killing the zombies. Takeo now angrily shout at them to help him fight the zombies which both start killing. Although Richtofen tried to explain, they were interrupted by a new waves of zombies. Later they were transported when the Kasmir Mechanism activated. Instead of teleporting into Siberia, they teleported to the Lyosacks universe while they were watching cartoons. However, they are tracked down by Samantha and fight off the hordes of zombies while the Lyosacks play some music. The team managed to kill Elliot and end the horde, Dempsey later apologize to Richtofen what happened Ascension but Richtofen says does not suit his character. Ray asked them when are they leaving and the team asked any time machine. It appears Yequil have a time machine but refused to lend them. In the end, Nikolai freeze the kid for talk too much which Takeo agrees but Nikolai think Takeo sucks. Team Ultimis later activated the time machine and prepared to travel before Richtofen telling the Lyosacks that he kill their parents, which revealed to be a joke. Ray asked Vince whether it affect the alternative reality which Vince denied but the whole world is in chaos. Vince warned Pizza Guy not to say the phrase but regardless, he said "Game Over !" which the cities exploded and soon the world. In another timeline, the Lyosacks still done nothing. After the credits, Team Ultimis reached Siberia and Nikolai complained not having Vodka in the area.

Trivia Edit

  • Pizza Guy uses his tropes from SAW VII "Game Over"
  • The Elliot Case is reference from Alec film, The Prescence
  • A Portal Gun is shown and used by Dempsey