Nazi Zombies 2 is the second episode in the Nazi Zombies Series and it detail its own versions of the stories of the Ultimis Group characters.

Story Edit

It starts with Takeo receives his family sword and a speech from his father for his loyalty and his honor for his family, country and emperor. As he ride off to the war, a 935 group agent capture a picture of Takeo for Richtofen. It also shows Tank Dempsey is transported to the war as well. At present day, Nikolai complains for not having vodka with the rest forced to listen to Nikolai's ramblings. Richtofen found the Vril Device and teleports them to Shangri-La. The group begins to fight the zombies in the area and during the fight, Dempsey got injured in the fight. Nikolai quickly revive him with Dempsey able to remember who he was. Back in Peleliu Island,1944, Dempsey is stuck in the mud with the Japanese patrol is coming. Although he tries to ambush them with his weapon, the Japanese found him and capture him. He was taken to the Japanese officer, Takeo and asked what to do with the prisoner. Takeo wanted to execute the prisoner but remembered his father words of the importance of his ancestral sword. He decided not to stain the sword and take Dempsey to a prison.