Officer, how he appears in the credits

Officer, (also known as The Officer, Policeman, Police Guy or Police Officer,) is a re-occurring character in The Lyosacks. He is voiced by Harry Sargent. (Youtube name Superhariobros4eva) 

Although being officially named "Officer," by the creator of The Lyosacks, Alvaro Calmet, Harry Sargent, his voice actor, has once called him, "The Police Guy," perhaps a nickname that he personally gave his character.

History Edit

Pre Lyosacks Edit

He was a cop for unknown department (possibly West Coast) and worked for many years. He chased a pizza delivery van who is driving over the speed limit but shocked when he saw Alec done a special move and aliens abduct humans.

The Officer first appeared in the episode "Yequil's Birthday Concert, " locking up the Microsoft Paperclip; "Clippy." However, the Microsoft wizard breaks Clippy out of the back of the police car by causing the car to disappear, string confusion in both the Officer and Mr Gonzalez. 

He later Makes a brief cameo in "Time Trouble: Part One," where he runs up next to Alec and Ray just in time to witness the exploding plane, where shortly afterwards, he hangs his head in shame. His police car later appears, although heavily vandalized, meaning he either had more cars or managed to retrieve the one which had vanished.

The Officer also seems to be a security guard at the rock and roll museum as after Alec takes the pick of destiny, he appears with a gun and shoots him and Vince. His memory seems to be very lacking as during the abduction and "Time Trouble: Part One," and "The Abduction" he doesn't recognize Alec. In "Fugitives" however, he recognizes him and chases him to the airfield and shoots Alec.


-For unknown reasons, the voice actor for the Officer changed during the episode,"Yequil's Birthday Concert."  For the first line, an unknown voice actor, possibly Alvaro Calmet, spoke the line, while the rest of the lines are said in Harry's voice. There has been no Specified reason as of yet why this occurred.

-The Officer appears as one of the characters on the wallpaper of Alvaro Calmet's YouTube channel, which is unusual, as he is the character who has been absent the longest, having not been in an episode since "Time Trouble: Part One,"  and not having a speaking role since his first appearance in "Yequil's Birthday Concert."