Andrew Schultz, or better known as Pizza Guy, is a character seen frequently in The Lyosacks. He is one of the brothers of Alec Lynch and Albert Schultz. His real name is Andrew Schultz but disguised himself as the "Pizza Guy" without an actual name after his father died.

History Edit

Pre-Lyosacks Edit

Before the start of The Lyosacks, Pizza Guy lived in Germany as Andrew Schultz with his family, The Schultz. He lived a normal life with his siblings and father until one night, their butler, Ryan Osbourne, had lowered the defenses of the home. That allowed the The Morettinis to storm into the house. Andrew managed to escape the house along with his siblings but his father had died and their house had been blown up. This event forced the remaining Schultz to retreat elsewhere and changed their names to hide themselves from the Morettinis. Andrew disguised himself as "Pizza Guy" and started working for a pizza company.

First Appearances Edit

Pizza Guy is first seen in the episode, Yequil's Birthday Concert. Pizza Guy was in the process of delivering pizza to Yequil's house until he felt the ground vibrate and saw Yequil's "Secret Base" lowering itself to become a concert stage. Out of curiosity, Pizza Guy walks into Yequil's backyard, right before Yequil begins his concert performance with his "robo-Yequils". Yequil was forced to stop his performance and The Lyosacks band proceeded to continue the concert. After their performance, Pizza Guy found their performance "amazing", then comments that he doesn't know why he's in the backyard.

The Pick of Destiny Edit

During a conversation between Alec, Ray, Vince, and Yequil about becoming famous rockstars, Pizza Guy randomly barges into Ray's apartment with Pizza and asks if he could stay. He allows Alec and Vince to borrow his car so they could go to the Rock & Roll Museum to find The Pick of Destiny. During the journey to the Rock & Roll Museum, Alec and Vince encounter the police and end up in a hot pursuit that ends up in the news. Ray and Pizza Guy are watching them being featured on the news.

The Truth Edit

When Alec is battling with The Morettinis, Pizza Guy coincidentally shows up and finds them too. Alec and Pizza Guy escape from the Morettinis together in the pizza car. Alec and Pizza Guy stop at a Gas Station for a short break. Alec asks how Pizza Guy knows the Morettinis. He then takes Pizza Guy's hat and it says the hat belongs to "Andrew Shultz" (the "c" was forgotten). Alec then tells Pizza Guy that he is Alec Schultz. They both realize that they're brothers and then have a short celebration for finding each other.