Saw 7 is the first Halloween special episode of the Lyosacks.

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It starts with Alec finding a doll from Saw with much of Ray's distaste. Alec decided to keep it and Ray reluctantly accept it and ask Alec to put the 'garbage' where he won't see it. Alec put it in the closet but suddenly the dolls eyes flash red. Alec order a pizza from Pizza Guy and discovered that Ray and Vince along with the TV disappeared. Both of them woke up and the doll is play them a game. The game is that both of them are tied in the same rope and if they move too far, they fall into a pit of acid behind them, all they had to do is stay where they are for 60 seconds. Although both think is easy, but the doll raise a Freeway Cola and that will also disappear. This panicked Ray to grab the Cola while Vince tries to convinced it is not worth it. In the end Ray jumps to grab his Cola. Fortunately, Alec found them and sadly for Ray the cola had been gone. They returned to the apartment with Vince grumbles about Ray's decision. Alec noticed that his doll is missing while the show is about to start, later the doll showed up in the TV and set traps on the characters. Pizza Guy makes a pun which does not amused Vince and he said "Game Over". Post Credits Scene shows that Yequil doing trick-or-treat with Mr Gonzales rudely shut the door, Yequil decides to mess his house with eggs.

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SAW VII - The Lyosacks Halloween Special-1

SAW VII - The Lyosacks Halloween Special-1