The Code is the 10th Episode of the Lyosacks explored the history during the meeting with Ray and Vince and romance development between Ray and Vince.

Story Edit

It was two months after the events of Time Trouble and the gang play some video games. Ray is preparing and felt nervous, he revealing he is dating Emmy but needed help. Vince offered some flowers for the date and Ray relieved he is not the 'jealous brother'. Boy he was wrong. Once Ray leave, Vince had angrily complained to Alec about Ray dating her sister and tells a plan to ruin it. Alec later is locked in the cage by Vince and revealed he is use the flowers as a bait for the bee hive he prepared. Alec asked why would he do with some extreme, Vince replied a code between both of them when they meet each other 6 years ago. In the past, he is attracted by Ray drums playing upstairs and both revealed their father problems and Vince stated he got lost while buying bread. Ray offered Vince a stay and Vince give a code or seemly threatening Ray by saying: "Do not mess with my sister, ever!" which Ray agree with Vince not drinking his Freeway Cola. Alec lament about how stupid it was and Vince throw his beehive at the street to hurt Ray but Mr Gonzales had another batch flower which unfortunately the bees are attracted to, he got injured and sent to the hospital. Ray present the flowers to Emmy and sarcastically answered her questions whether is for her: "Duh! What do you think!?". Although initially it start off bad, but Ray and Emmy is having a date at the movie, much to Vince displeasure. He went to Edd Yequil for help but refused due to the hostile relationship. Vince offered Yequil $40 and he gives Vince a Love Potion which can cause anyone to fall in love with the potion and disrupt the date.