The Lyosacks
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The Lyosacks




Ray Osbourne, Vince Ackerman, Alec Lynch


Rock Band


Main Town (formally)
The RV



The Lyosacks are a rock band and its members are Alec Lynch,Vince Ackerman, Ray Osbourne. They are the titular main protagonists of the series of the same name.

History Edit

Beginnings Edit

Prior to the start of the series, the band members were all having their own little adventures and problems in life. Ray was one of the earliest of band members as he was already playing in The Ozzys back during High School as his first band. he quit the band after thinking that his father would return but he didn't and so he fled to the Main Town. Ray would become the first member of the band starting out as a lone drummer until Vince showed up. Once Vince showed up, the two of them had started the band and eventullyy Alec showed up and the Lyosacks were born. They had their first concert in the backyard of the Evil Dr. Yequil who wanted do destory them but they got away. However, they are now slacking off in the apartment with adventure and dramas.


Soon they got in trouble with the Morrentinis and in the first timeline, they are disbanded as Vince died and Alec and Ray lost contact until 20 years when they decide to fix the timeline with the help of Tommy Robot. They managed to fix the timeline with the Morrentinis eliminated and countinue their lives. Little to they know, Ray only teleport them to the Artic where they intercept Albert and capture the bomb. Alec and the brothers told their story to Vince, Ray and Emmy and realize that their town is targeted as a testing ground for the bomb. As they tried to escaped, Ray met his father incidently and delaying the bomb countdown. Despite Ryan change of heart, the bomb nevertheless detonated and the town lies in ruins. The Lyosacks later worked together to stop the Morrentinis from starting an apocalypse. However, their apartment lies in ruins and they decide to find a new home, Vince stole an RV and together with Emmy, they drive to their adventure.