The Pick of Destiny is the fourth episode of The Lyosacks.

Story Edit

It starts when Alec and Ray talk about their predicament when their band is not playing since Yequil’ Birthday Concert and they had to pay the rent to the barber. Suddenly, Yequil arrived in a rocket despite living nearby, causing damage to the roof and the floor and almost kill Mr Gonzalez. Yequil proposed to the Lyosacks that if they are successful, they would leave town. Vince and Alec are interested except Ray who skeptical with the ordeal. Yequil says to become famous is to have the Pick of Destiny which is located at the Rock Museum which in the city of fallen angels and ocean meet the sand (Los Angeles). Alec and Vince had gone when Pizza Guy offer his truck to them and immediately set off, they later been to other places while they are asleep and arrive at the Rock Museum. They later staged a robbery in the museum and stole the pick. However, they are caught by the Officer and surrounded by the police with the walls closing. Despite the odds, Alec managed to drive out of the museum and now chased by a giant donut after a police accidentally shot a donut shop. Ray and Pizza Guy also saw the news of Alec and Vince's chase. Alec managed to dodged the donut by going to the river and evade the police when a giant donut chased after them. However, Alec lost the pick during the chase and Vince had run away to avoid accusation. Ray had lament about what happened just now and believe this is all for nothing. Pizza Guy saids that he still got his pizza much to Alec and Ray anger. Post credits scene, the kid had managed to build an igloo but crushed by a giant,rolling donut with the kid saying:"Son of a ......"