Time Trouble Part One is the eight episode of The Lyosacks and faced time travel for the first time.

Story Edit

It starts with the credits and reference of Alvaro older works. Ray talk to Alec about Emmy and realised that Alec didn't care of Emmy and Ray confessed his love on Emmy. Although Alec allow Ray to date Emmy, the Ackermans are moving back to Canada much to Ray's sadness as he never confessed his love. Then, at the airport, Ray frustratedly blamed Alec for not allow him to love Emmy. Don Morrentini interrupted both of them and told them as he want to make Alec mesirable, that he kill Alec's brother Andrew which intensify Alec revenge on Don Morrentini and show he kill the Ackermans and innocent passengers on the plane which the bomb placed by Boris. Ray also wanted revenge against Morrentini but he escaped. 20 years later, Don Morrentini and Ed Yequil able to rule the world without any resistance after numerous explosion by the mysterious bombs, leaving a wasteland. Ray had become a public school teacher and live in regret on his friends death and still living in Mr Gonzales's Haircut Shop while Alec became a fugitive and outlaw for Morrentini's rule. It was revealed that Yequil is convinced by Morrentini to rule the world and Morrentini still lives due to the eternal life pill. Meanwhile, Ray felt hopeless when their world is doomed until Alec mention there is a way, a time machine built by Yequil and they could use it fix everything. Ray mentioned that machine is in the tower and refused this plan and tell Alec he is on his own, later the police came to catch Alec but he overpowered them and Ray decided to join the plan.

Characters Edit

  • Alec Lynch
  • Ray Osbourne
  • Vince Ackerman
  • Emmy Ackerman
  • Pizza Guy
  • Mr Ackerman
  • Evil Dr Yequil
  • Don Morrentini
  • Robo Yequils
  • Boris
  • Nikolai

Video Edit

TIME TROUBLE 1 - The Lyosacks Ep

TIME TROUBLE 1 - The Lyosacks Ep. 8