Yequil's Birthday Concert is the third episode of the Lyosacks.

Story Edit

At he beginning, the police officer arrest Clippy for Mr Gonzales but Microsoft Wizard free Clippy got out the Main Town leaving the officer and the barber confused. Meanwhile, the Lyosacks don't why they are here so they ask Mrs Yequil who didn't hire them. It is revealed that Yequil, a small smart kid who is fed of the Lyosacks for practice every day while he was doing his evil plan and wanted revenge. Lyosacks wanted to leave his birthday party but blocked by the Robo Yequils and got tied up. Yequil and his robots play a song called 'Obey your master' but no one likes it. After his mom release the Lyosacks, Alec suggest that they play a birthday song to appease the crowd. After they win, they demanded to be released and Yequil reluctantly and swore revenge against the Lyosacks. Alec feel that they are becoming a good band and asked how they get home. Realised that their home is next door, Alec lament "We lived next door ?!". At the post credits, Yequil send his friend to the North Pole for calling his name wrongly.

Characters Edit

  • Alec Lynch
  • Ray Osbourne
  • Vince Ackerman
  • Dr Edd Yequil
  • Robo Yequils
  • Officer
  • Mr Gonzales

Trivia Edit