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Yequil as seen in his first episode: Yequil´s Birthday Concert.

Yequil's Birthday
Yequil Birthday Concert
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date 4 September 2010
Written by Alvaro Calmet
Directed by Alvaro Calmet
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How About Lyosacks? The Pick of Destiny
Yequil's Birthday Concert is the third episode of the Lyosacks.

Story Edit

At he beginning, the police officer arrest Clippy for Mr Gonzales but Microsoft Wizard free Clippy got out the Main Town leaving the officer and the barber confused. Meanwhile, the Lyosacks don't why they are here so they ask Mrs Yequil who didn't hire them. It is reaveled that Yequil, a small smart kid who is fed of the Lyosacks for practice every day while he was doing his evil plan and wanted revenge. Lyosacks wanted to leave his birthday party but blocked by the Robo Yequils and got tied up.

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Yequil Birthday Concert